Can the cargo boxes be attached to any car or SUV? 

The cargo boxes will fit on any car or SUV that has a roof rack (factory installed or after-market) with crossbars (the bars that go across the roof of your car from side-to-side).

What if my car has a "naked roof" (meaning no roof rack of any kind)?

Unfortunately due to the complexity of stocking the variety of car-specific components necessary to safely secure a roof rack to a "naked roof", you can purchase Volvo specific crossbars from Keystone Volvo. That said, you may want to consider investing in an after-market roof rack (Thule and Yakima offer great solutions), which you can then use with one of our rental cargo boxes. These racks are a convenient and versatile thing to own. However, most people would prefer to rent the cargo boxes, which is where we can help.

Do you install the box/crossbars on my car?
Yes, with your help. We feel it's important you understand how the box attaches to your car. We will lift the box on top of your automobile and assist with the simple process of attaching it to your crossbars. For customers purchasing Volvo crossbars, we will help you attach the crossbars to the side rails of your car. Installation and completion of our simple paperwork should take less than 30 minutes.

What about security? Are the boxes lockable?
Yes. Each cargo box features a secure key activated locking mechanism. Additionally, Volvo crossbars also feature specialty hardware to secure them to your car.

How and when can I pay?

Rental fees are processed at the time of your rental. We accept most major credit cards. Along with the rental charge we take an upfront deposit at the time of your pick-up. This deposit will be refunded once our products are returned and inspected.

How far in advance do I need to reserve a cargo box?
One week in advance is appreciated, but we may be able to accommodate last minute road-trip urges.

Do you deliver?
Not at this time. Currently, our customers pick up and return our products from our Berwyn or Doylestown locations. We may offer a delivery service in the future.

How much cargo can the boxes hold?
Depends on the rated weight limit of your vehicle's roof rack. Our Volvo crossbars have  a maximum load capacity of 220 lbs.. That said, our Sport time box is 69" long and offers 14 cubic ft. of storage and the longer Odin box (84") offers 17 cubic ft. of storage. 

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